Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs! -- A Tribute to Brewster and Buffy

A photographic log of my German Shepherd Dogs, Brewster and Buffy.

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I am Retired from the US Army.
My name is not important. What I do is not important. I am just a guy with a camera. I enjoy taking pictures and looking at and saving pictures others have taken.
I am a student of photography. Not in a formal sense, but in the sense that as I take more pictures and view other pictures, I may learn from each.
As I grow more comfortable here, I hope to show those pictures I have taken. I hope to learn by those pictures I have viewed from others.
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Monday, February 07, 2005

Some 2004 pictures

It's been a while since I did anything with the Dogs. So here are a few pictures that were taken during 2004. Please enjoy and download as you want.

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Brewster in a rare moment, being still so I can take a picture. Of course I would have to catch him with his eyes closed. Brewster really likes it outside, especially on days that look like this.

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Buffy cut her foot on something, so we administered a little First Aid. She did really well. Brewster would have grumbled and would have needed a muzzle. Buffy just took it all in stride. She was back to chasing Jasmine in no time. (July 2004)

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Cauleen catches Buffy and Jasmine so David could take a picture. Whenever these 2 are together, it's non-stop action. They chase and play hard all day long. It gets to be a REAL mess if the weather is bad (rain), so when that happens, we have to separate them. This day was great. (July 2004)

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So, Buffy sits with David and Jasmine in her Christmas Star collar. She was SO good about wearing the collar. (Christmas 2004)

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Another picture of Buffy with her Christmas Star collar. (Christmas 2004)


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