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I am Retired from the US Army.
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I am a student of photography. Not in a formal sense, but in the sense that as I take more pictures and view other pictures, I may learn from each.
As I grow more comfortable here, I hope to show those pictures I have taken. I hope to learn by those pictures I have viewed from others.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Designer Dog Bed

For the dog who has everything: Rollerbed Designer Dogbed. On sale for $129.

The Rollerbed is a designer dog bed that resembles a contemporary platform bed. For easy mobility this dog bed features four lockable wheels. The frame of the bed is upholstered in an off-white imitation leather that is easy to wipe clean.

A bed fit for a King or Queen Posted by Hello

As I further examine this bed, I think it may be small for my GSD's. Oh well. There are some other neat things to look at on the site.

(Via J-Walk)

Signing Off! Until next time, I'll see ya on the Blog!!


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